Our Company Profile

Techo Enterprise came into effect in November, 1995 for manufacturing, fabricating and supplying international standard quality of Spares for Mud Gun and Tap Hole Machines for Blast Furnaces & Press Equipments. Possessing more than 15 years of experience of the respective field, the company has been offering service for maintenance of Machines & Machines Tools manufacturing, Material Handling Systems, and maintenance of Special Purpose Metal Cutting Tools and Presses.

The company takes pride in introducing itself as one of the most reputed and SSI registered units supported by a large team of well experienced engineers and other essential professionals trained in their respective area. It is registered with Directorate of Cottage & Small Sale Industries under Government of West Bengal, Registration No. 210424984 and dated 14/03/97; WBST BG/11525, VAT NO. 19393384116; and CST 7174 (BG) C, VAT NO. 19393384213. Furthermore, we are registered with many leading central govt., public sector and private organizations.

Synopsis Of Our Activities :

  • 12 years experience in developing and manufacturing of quality mould maintenance tools (like Peening tools, Peening heads, Grinding tools etc.) to increase life of the costly moulds which helps in producing quality D.I pipes.
  • More than 20 years experience in developing critical spares & spl. Purpose tools for Blast furnace, Machines & Machine tools, Cement Plants, Power Plants, Mining etc. spl. emphasize given on developing Import substitution items.
  • Matl. handling equipments like Trolleys (Mechanical & Hyd. op.) lifts etc. and Conveyor related items with design for augmentation of productivity in process plants.

Mechanical Spares for Machines & Machine Tools :

  • Manufacturing of 900 mm dia armed gear (fabricated) for 25 h.p. gear box.
  • Manufacturing of clutch housing for plate feeding in hydraulic presses including serrated rollers of feed roll units for presses.
  • Developed high temp. withstanding s.s. item for fluid bed heat treatment furnaces and various types of cages.
  • Recning of hydraulic cylinders by honing of size dia 150 mm & 2100 mm long for grining M/CS.
  • Spares of varies maching tools of different make.
  • Manufacturing of titamium base products like anodizing cages carriers for wave soldering M/CS.
  • Extralong shaft machining upto 20 ft. length. ( including it's o.d. grinding and bore honning.)
  • Spares for blast furnace equipment like, drill rod adaptors, interdiate cone & nozzle. Centre bar assembly, centering pin, valve body etc.

Special type Fixture :

  • Developed zeroing fixture for insas, 5.56 rifles and sport rifles.
  • Developed barrel proofing fixtures & for insas, 5.56 rifles and sporting rifles.
  • Engine overhauling fixtures & trolleys for sukhal - 30 aircraft.
  • Fixtures for switchgear and other electrical panels.
  • Trolleys for die mounting in press shop (hydraulically operated) asembling fixtures and job holding / clamping fixtures for component machining etc.

Hard Surface Coating :

  • Making of sizing punches by hade surfacing for piping industries.
  • Application of hard facing for abrasion & corrosion resistance in guide plates, mould plates & lump breakers.

Material Handling System :

  • Specially designed roller conveyors for shell in heat treatment induction hardening furnace with auto quenching system.
  • Belt conveyor, screw conveyors for cement, steel, power plant & chemical industries.
  • Safety guards for conveyor system.

Catering our activities in following MAJOR Industries:


  • Developed Gun Testing Equipment.
  • Developed CNC M/C job holding fixtures for Shaktiman Truck Gear Box components.
  • Developed Critical Spares for Power Driving and BOXES for Machines & Machine tools.
  • Chemical Processing Tanks in S.S., M.S. Epoxy Coated with Heating System.


  • Engine Overhauling Fixtures For MIG & SOKHOI 30 Aircrafts.
  • Checking instruments and fixtures for Helicopters.


  • Spares for Mud Gun , Drill Rod.
  • Developed High Pressure Valves For Blast Furnace.
  • Spares for Hydraulic Pipe Line.
  • Critical Spares for Gear Boxes For Plate Bending Machines (450 HP).


  • Ni-Hard Bushes for Bucket Elevators.
  • Tooling System for Workshops.
  • Rubber & Polymer Based Seals.
  • Matl. Handling Equipment Like Drum Pully, Take Up Drarms, Conveyor Rollers, Belt Scrapers Etc.
  • Machine Guard as per International Safty Design.


  • Developed Peening Tools, Double and Single Peening Heads, Air Grinders Etc. for Mould Maintance.
  • Critical Spares for Various Machine and Machine Tools.
  • Development Of Core Boxes including its Rectification for Life Enhancement.
  • Development Of checking gauges For D.I. Pipes.

Spl. Note :

  • We Are Catering Our Activities In Almost All The Major D.I. Pipe Plants In India.


Latest News

Through our hard work and belief in complete satisfaction of customers, our company has earned a long list of reputed clients throughout the world. We have essential manpower and state-of-the-art machineries and facilities for completing the ordered task. Our efforts to keep up with the constant changing latest market demand and reasonable prices have obtained us customers’ trust that makes us the most preferred among them.

D.I. Pipe Mould maintenance

Peening tool with Sleeve for DN 80,100-200,250-1200 MM pipe moulds.
Single and Double Peening Heads for DN 80,100-200,250-1200 MM pipe moulds.
Single and Double head Air Grinders for mould internal surface grinding.
Head peening tools for socket end peening during casting.
Head peening tools for runner cleaning in casting.
GO $ NO-Go Gauges for socket & spigot end checking.